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Battle Of Guadalcanal video

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75th Anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal Online Learning Series Pt. 1

Join Richard Frank, author of Guadalcanal: The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle, to explore the strategies by the Japanese occupiers and American ...

Recalling the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Lendall Knight, 95, recalls serving aboard the U.S.S. O'Bannon during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal.

Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal - Midway

Demo gameplay.

Dying WWII vet asks to meet someone from same battlefield

A former US Marine that served in WWII told his hospice caregivers that he wanted to meet another veteran that also fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal.

2014 WWII Lecture series: Battle for Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima

Host: Kurt Troutman Featured speaker: Mr. Dan Weikel, USS LST 393 Veteran's Museum Curator. Guest speaker: Fred Bertsch, US Navy (retired)

The Gifu and Hill 27 - Mount Austen, Solomon Islands

Aerial footage of Hill 27 and Gifu village. Site of the final major land battle between Japanese and American forces during the battle of Guadalcanal.

battlestations pacific 2nd battle of guadalcanal


The Second World War: The Battle of Midway

By attacking Midway atoll, at the far western end of the Hawaiian chain, the Japanese hoped to lure the US Pacific Fleet into the open sea and destroy it. Instead ...

Battle Of Guadalcanal Sneak Peak


Thirsty 13th (1 of 10) - Tassafaronga

Japanese transports beached in western Guadalcanal in October and November 1942, as air crew members of the 13th Troop Carrier Squadron would see ...

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal

Naval Battle of Guadalcanal The Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, sometimes referred to as the Third and Fourth Battles of Savo Island, the Battle of the Solomons, ...

Guadalcanal, Battle of Guadalcanal, Battle Guadalcanal

http://www.guadalcanaljournal.com is the story of a 21 year old Marine on Guadalcanal during the battle of guadalcanal.

Order of Battle | US Marines | Guadalcanal | Part 1

Let's Play Order of Battle - US Marines Campaign US Marines is the second expansion to Order of Battle - Pacific and includes the US Marines island hopping ...

Reefs, Wrecks and Rubble (Part II) -- Solomon Islands Battle of Guadalcanal hd

The video features the marine environment and centered around sunken WWII military hardware, including trucks, a fork-lift and a track vehicle. Also featured are ...


SUBSCRIBE!! http://www.youtube.com/c/VicStefanu - Here's a WW2 cemetery of US amphibian tanks (LVTs) left by the Marines after the August 1942 assault on ...

The Look of Honor: 75th Anniversary for the Battle of Guadalcanal

Credit: Cpl. Justin Huffty | Date Taken: 08/15/2017 U.S. Marines travel to Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands August 6-11, 2017. Ceremonies were held at battle ...

Guadalcanal, Battle of Alligator Creek 75

This video slideshow is comprised of photos taken during a tour of the Solomon Islands in August 2013. It is in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the ...

Silent Hunter 4: SPECIAL - 2nd Naval Battle of Guadalcanal pt. 1

SPECIAL VIDEO!! I've fiddled with the mission editor and have brought to you a \

Lego ww2 The Battle of Guadalcanal

Sgt. Lightiningblock is leading troops into the jungles of Guadalcanal.

iOS REVIEW of Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal with The Chief Bonding With Board Games


Battle of Guadalcanal


Reefs, Wrecks and Rubble (Part III) -- Solomon Islands Battle of Guadalcanal hd

The video features the marine environment and centered around sunken WWII American war planes, remnants of the Battle of Guadalcanal. A dive bomber ...

UNCOMMON VALOR - GUADALCANAL - Battle for Guadalcanal 21510


Battle of Guadalcanal

World History. Mr. Burdick, Period 2.

Gameplay video Carrier Battles for Guadalcanal version 1.10.2

Gamp play video.

Outdoor Guadalcanal Wargame

In this episode, Steve and Tom debate the US Navy command situation at the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942. Would Admiral Norman Scott ...

Battle of Guadalcanal in Lego [Huge Moc]

Its finally done the Battle of Guadalcanal, 4 weeks of work and the product is a massive 2x2 grey baseplate. This is also an entry to JS Customs contest.

First Battle of Guadalcanal (more or less)

My clan tried to recreate the Battle of Guadalcanal..... well it ended in a random battle with more or less historical shiplineups. Feel free to join us via forum.


3D animation created by raptor5120. Sound effects are from Medal of Honor Pacific Assault. Software - Blender 2.63.


World War 2 Battle.

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